Thursday, July 21, 2011

The new economic scenario

Today July 21st the European leaders will meet in Brussels to decide whether Greece second rescue package will take place and how it will be developed.
Eventually Greece and the other weaker European countries like Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy will have to adjust their economies to the required constraints imposed by the severe crisis scenario since the so called sub- prime portfolios crisis burst in 2007/2008.
Regardless of the mechanisms to be used to resolve the present crisis in Europe and the US budget restrictions that is keeping the US economy holding everybody´s breadth, we can be sure that the future is going to be different since most of the population the world is poorer.
Surely there are countries in Africa, Latam and Asia that have been poorer for ages. But, you one thing is to be poor and a different thing is to become poor.

In that sense I think that there will be changes in the social texture and behavior of some countries.
Avoiding to be dramatic I would recommend to read the blog of Feral,
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On the other hand, for the economic perspective I will continue to post my views, probable outcomes and recommendations on how to evaluate the situations to come and proceed accordingly on economic and financial matters

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